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  • Etowah County Sheriff's Office
  • Etowah County Sheriff's Office
  • Etowah County Sheriff's Office
  • Etowah County Sheriff's Office
  • Etowah County Sheriff's Office
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Medical Services

The Medical Unit consists of an examination/treatment room, x-ray and dental suite, medication area, mini-lab, patient waiting room, and cells for housing observation patients.  Staffing is provided 24/7, and consists of RNs, LPNs, Medical Assistants, X-ray Tech, Lab Tech, Dentist, Dental Assistant, Physician, Nurse Practitioner, and a Mental Health Professional.

The range of services includes medical, dental, mental, and preventive healthcare. Screening for TB, HIV, and Syphilis is offered as well.  Area hospitals and medical specialists are regularly utilized.

Medical Unit

All individuals receive an initial healthcare screening while in the booking area of the Detention Center.  Once they are moved to the housing units, a more thorough examination is conducted in the Medical Unit by a RN, physician, or nurse practitioner.  Necessary medications and treatments are provided, and chronic medical conditions are followed regularly by the physician, nurse practitioner, or an appropriate outside medical specialist.

Medical Unit

In addition to the chronic care services that are delivered, Health Appraisals, Yearly Physicals, Sick Call Requests, Nurse Evaluations, and Urgent Evaluations are conducted daily in the Medical Unit.  Medical staff likewise responds to emergent needs within each unit.  Mental health needs are addressed by the Mental Health Officer in the form of Mental Health Evaluations, Mental Health Follow-ups, and necessary counseling. CED Mental Health Center assists with providing routine psychiatric services.       

Doctors' Care Physicians, P.C.

Dr. Roger Buck

Doctors' Care Physicians, P.C., of Gadsden, AL, is the medical contractor for the Etowah County Detention Center.  The group has been providing services to the Detention Center since 2005. 

Doctors' Care is a primary care group practice, founded in 1984, by Roger S. Buck, MD who is the Medical Director. 

Cassi R. Kellett, RN, MSN

Cassi R. Kellett, RN, MSN serves as the Health Services Administrator.  Both are Certified Correctional Healthcare Professionals, and the Etowah County Detention Center is accredited by the National Commission for Correctional Healthcare.


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